Entertainment Aria Barito Hotel

Hotel in Banjarmasian, South Kalimantan



Royal Karaoke is all about you, and your mates, being part of your favourite music in the comfort of your own party, no embarrassment, no putting up with the howls of strangers, just unpretentious, unadulterated, and affordable fun. 58 of it’s private rooms are fitted out with leather sofas, large flat screen tv.

Jl. Haryono MT, No 16 Banjarmasian 70111 - Indonesia
 0511 336 5001
 0511 336 5002

Launch of New Website!

June 23, 2014

Our website now lived, you can read more about our hotel here and you can also make online bookings here. Be sure to check back for more hot offers for our hotel rooms!

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